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1. Will it hurt?

The procedure itself is pain-free. With LASIK, you may experience a pressure sensation when the surgeon creates the corneal flap, and some discomfort or irritation for up to 24 hours after surgery.

2. Is Lasik safe?

Laser eye surgery is a medical procedure and, as such, carries a small risk of complication. Less than 1% of patients will develop a complication and the majority of these are easily overcome with simple management methods such as use of eye drops. Ultimate Vision Lasik Centre uses the most advanced technology in all its clinics and our eye surgeons are amongst the most experienced. Our clinical specialists are trained to manage any complication that occurs.

3. How quickly will I see the results of Laser eye surgery?

Some patients will note a significant improvement immediately but due to healing variables the majority will notice a significant improvement within 24 hours of their procedure.

4. How long does the laser eye surgery take?

It takes around 20 minutes for both eyes. To create the corneal flap with today’s laser technology takes less than 10 seconds and to correct an eye prescription typically takes less than one minute. The eye is anaesthetised during the procedure.

5. When can I get back to work?

Most LASIK patients return to work within 48 hours of the procedure being performed, while LASIK patients may take around 4 days before returning to work.

6. How long after the consultation can you have laser surgery?

Twenty four hours is the minimum time allowed between your consultation to treatment depending on your suitability, availability and whether you wear contact lenses.Contact lenses should be removed at least one day prior to your consultation and one to four weeks prior to treatment day, depending on soft or hard lenses. As they can temporarily change the shape of your cornea. It is important to allow time for your eye to return to its normal curvature before assessment and treatment.

7. How much laser surgery cost?

As everyone’s individual prescription and requirements is different, we are unfortunately unable to confirm your suitability or give a cost for the procedure without examining your eyes.By attending a free consultation at your local eye clinic, we can confirm your suitability and total cost for your specific procedure.

8. What after care does Ultimate Vision Lasik Centre after Lasik surgery?

Our extensive aftercare programme is very important and is part of every patient’s package of care. We see patients the day following, at one week, one month, three months and at one year following eye surgery.

9. Can I go blind if I undergo Lasik surgery?

No. Realistically, the chance of going blind from laser eye surgery, using today’s technology, is about the same as the chance of dying in a plane crash – roughly one in five million.

10. When can I start driving after Lasik surgery?

Most patients are safe to drive short distances 24 hours after their surgery. However, we advise that you do not drive until you have been given clearance to do so, at your first post-op check-up with your surgeon (on the morning after your surgery).